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About Us
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And, just who do we think we are, hmm?
Well, this is some of us.

Here's some things you might like to know about us.

Jonathan West  (Tal D. Noble)


  To begin with, he's the owner of  "American Communication Arts."  He is also responsible for the original development of Structured Brainstorming, the writing and direction of the Bicentennial Pageant at the San Diego Stadium, the narration of live opera at Verdi's Restaurant in downtown San Diego and the writing and narration of various documentary films.
   Jonathan West is a published author with everything from magazine features to book formats.  You may particularly want to take a good look at his web site.  It's a cooperative effort with NASA (under his "Tal D. Noble" science writing name). It's one of the most traveled-to  space science web sites on the MSN Network, worldwide.  (You'll be surprised with what you'll find there.)
  He is also a long time war gamer with an excellent historic and technical background.  He is responsible for the creation of a sizable number of computer war game Scenarios that are historically correct and filled with action.  (Credited print-outs and other corroborations will be made available upon request.)
  His extensive background as a professional "Gamemaster" helped him to create this new TV game concept.  His technical predisposition has enabled him to incorporate the newest state-of-the-art visual developments.
  He feels that this could easily become an edge-of-the-seat reality/sports event that will blow away everything else with its fast action excitement.  It could almost be said,  "This is war!  Everything else is just television!"

Hollywood model maker, Jim Dore


  Jim Dore is the owner and creative director of the well known and prestigious "AMS Phoenix Company" ( ) which creates and supplies all sorts of models and similar items to not only various Hollywood studios, but to such companies as Mattel, Revell and the Hughes Aircraft company.  This includes full scale equipment of a custom nature as well, especially as needed in Hollywood productions.
  His Hollywood work has included jobs for the movie "Blade Runner," Mario Machetti Productions, Paul Sammon Productions (for HBO Pictures), and Ruben H. Fleet Omnimax Films.  (See his picture above, with one of his stationary models.)
These gentlemen can be reached by contacting the representing agent, or by direct contact if an agent is not listed, through the "Contact Us" page.
  And, in the picture below, you see some of the members of our first Paintball Advisory Core Group, following a special dinner/meeting in the tourist Hotel Circle area in San Diego, California.


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