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What We Offer
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In conclusion...

So, there you have it, as it has been developed to this point. We assume you have seen all or most of the other pages (with the exception of "Contact Us") and, therefore, you have a good initial understanding of this unique concept and how we are continuing to develop and perfect it.

What we have is a number of professionals (and their associates, as needed) who offer four very important things that are required in order to produce and air this program.

1.  The origination of the registered and otherwise protected concept with the primary details already worked out.

2.  The qualified "Gamemaster" (who originated and directed the development of the concept to this point), who will be available for the coordination of the actual games.

3.  The professional model maker (who has an excellent Hollywood background in creating very realistic and highly animated miniatures and working full scale mockups).

4.  A substantial number of very professional paintball players and related executive leaders who have the dedication to make this an attention getting, gripping series.

5.  Manufacturers and suppliers who can give us the quasi-armaments that are necessary to blow the viewers right out of their chairs.

And, what is just as important, we are all individuals who recognize and fully support the understanding that very little of any complexity is ever accomplished without the close cooperation of others.

We also recognize the value of new and exciting equipment additions and other changes, as time moves along, so that the program does not get too predictable and boring. That might mean interesting and unexpected fighting units, new mobile equipment, new special effects, night fighting with spotlights, the use of ground fog, and whatever else might make it all very challenging and visually exciting.

So, as you can see, we have taken this 21st century "web site" method of getting this preliminary material to you. Next step, making it happen.  Are you ready?

--- Jonathan West

And now we assume you're ready for the "Contact Us" page.  Click on at the top of this screen.