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The Equipment
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Developing the equipment.

   The tank development (now in the planning stage) utilizes modified multi-wheel ATV vehicles that are equipped with realistic battle tank bodies and a back seat platform that allows the passenger to rotate and fire the big paintball gun in the turret.
   The tank guns, infantry rifles, machine guns, and the artillery units all operate on an advanced paintball system which can quickly identify hits during firefights.  The artillery will be using the newest developments in painball simulated warfare and machine gun units will also be simulated with devastating effect.
   The pictures below show you some of the equipment we are acquiring and/or testing at this time.  The first graphic shows the test firing of a new, two barrel weapon from the Tippmann company.  The second shot is of the big 2000A Howitzer, also from Tippmann, that we plan to use as our artillery.
   The next image is of the Armotech WG65 rifle unit.  The final picture is of the Tippmann A5 rifle.  As you might imagine, all of these weapons are quite formidable.





Too bad all wars can't be fought this way --- looking bad, requiring skill, but not actually hurting anybody.