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Why get in touch with us?
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Why Get In Touch With Us? 

   Why should you get in touch with us?

   If you are a producer or a "new programing" executive in a broadcast or cable network, you may want to consider what this sort of new "reality" idea might mean to the bottom line of your operation. This could offer a stunning future for those who have the courage and imagination to realize the potential here. Yes, this really does have an enormous potential.

   We have found particular cable nets that are especially well suited for this sort of advanced programming. (You may already have recognized this after perusing the Scenario page of this web site.)

   We sincerely believe that you will find this concept, and the work we have done thus far, to be professional, intensely visual, and ready to be developed into a marketable package. You just may find this to be exactly what you are looking for.

   Please do consider making personal contact with us and exploring the many fascinating possibilities open to us here. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Jonathan West

"American Communication Arts"

Main line:  858/488-8222


A great new show is waiting for you.