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What It's All About
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  This is a brand new television concept that has taken many years and a great deal of     technical advancement to make possible.    
  Those of us involved with this achievement are professionals who have worked very hard to make sure that this can truly become a very exciting television event and one that will not cost a small fortune to put on the air.
   It was originally planned as a weekly one or possibly a two hour program.  Now the thinking is that this will make a magnificent special that might eventually end up as a regular monthly event.  It should also be considered as a possible full afternoon program.  (It should be pre-recorded and tightly edited from a full one or two day event.) 
  It will utilize the newest and most dramatically reactive elements in paintball technology, joined into fighting military mock-ups that look and act like the real thing.  This will be seen as infantry in battle gear, action packed machine gun units, firing operational tanks, functional artillery units and various support elements.  It is intended to be as challenging as real warfare is (but without the fatalities).
  It will offer a sizable battlefield area with the bush, tree and rolling terrain that one might normally encounter in a real world battle situation.  This also is intended to include a small prefabricated group of buildings (the town) that will act as partial break-away props and as hiding and action areas for troopers.
  (Once the program has commenced, we also expect that interest in the development of teams will be springing up all over the country.)
  We have not fully produced the program, but we have developed the concept far enough along to show what is possible and to register and otherwise protect the concept (something interested producers will be relieved to know).
  It is almost at the point where we can sit down with a packaging agent and/or producer to develop a team effort that can insure a stunning success for everyone involved.
  If you will now choose "The TV Scenario" option at the top of the screen, we will start to fill you in on the details.  Then you will most likely want to continue through the pages, moving gradually to the right of the choices at the top of the screen.
  When you've finished, you may choose to contact us for additional details.
  We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.  See the "Contact Us" page for appropriate contact information.

Thank you, in advance, for taking this little jaunt around the site.  Enjoy the trip.  Let your imagination soar.

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