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A Strategy & Tactics board game by Jonathan West

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World War II
The European Theatre Wall Game

A central part of the large wall map board that is used for the game.

The largest and most advanced strategy & tectics board game ever devised.
One of the war games created by Jonathan West.

The Panzers advance into Poland.

   The game is played on a very large, wall size board map, which is actually mounted on a big, open wall area.  There are many hundreds of pieces in the game (color coordinated to each national team).
   The many illustrated pieces are easily stuck to the large wall map by means of a special adhesive that is attached to the bottom of each of the players' pieces and can be moved very easily from one position to the next.
   It is the most complex military board game ever devised.  It is, at this time, in a full-scale beta form and may possibly become the precursor to a new computerized strategy & tactics game.
   The game, in action, continues to be shown below.

The blitzkrieg into France.

U-Boats and Destroyers battle it out in the North Atlantic.

The Bismarck tries to break out into the Atlantic.

The British chase the Italians across North Africa.

   As you might imagine, there is one hell of a lot of excitement in a game of this nature.  There's nothing quite like it, except of course, for the new, high energy TV specials that are planned as "The War Games League."

There is absolutely nothing quite like what we have in mind.